Monday, February 19, 2007

Screw the spammers their way

Spam is probably one of those very few things that puts a large chunk of the otherwise so divided Internet community on the same side of the table. It's safe to make a categorical statement that MOST PEOPLE HATE SPAM.
But there hasn't been any foolproof solution for this very real problem. Here are my thoughts on how this problem can be tackled (in an unconventional manner though.)
We can have a service where a website allows people to post the email ids from which they have received spam mail. Then on a hourly/daily/weekly basis, this website can in turn make sure that there is a lot of spam that is sent to these spammers. Yeah, SPAM THE F*****G SPAMMERS.
I can understand that not doing this in a streamlined manner will put additional burden on the bandwidth available and will lead to choking of the network. So maybe this can be done not as a single lot but in a more distributed manner so as to minimize the choking of the network.

I invite comments/criticism/suggestions from the entire online community on this.

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Mark said...

Don't do that.... that'll just piss em off and they'll sue you. I should know...

aaa said...


Master Complainer said...


It'd be great if you could explain what happened in detail (If it's not too private)..