Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Awesome technology - Chori Ka Maal - Samsung Mobile tracker

From Privatelauncher

Today, I received a mail from ChoriKaMaal.com (Chori Ka Maal means stolen goods in Hindi) mentioning that this site offers stolen gadgets at rock bottom prices - they promised the latest Cybershots from Sony starting at as low as $10!.

Naturally, intrigued (and I must admit, a li'l greedy :) ), I visited this site only to find the following notice:

Dear Visitor,

Sorry to inform you but this site has been shut down. Our business was busted recently and our stocks confiscated when one of our regular suppliers stole a Samsung Mobile Phone. Apparently Mobile Tracker Technology on the Samsung Phone immediately alerted its true owner, who then contacted the police and had our supplier tracked down. Our operations were raided the very next day and our team has been detained for questioning.

This is when I realized that this was a promo and a very good one at that by Samsung. Moving on to the links provided on the page, I viewed some cool n funny flash animation depicting the working of this new technology.

While this sure is an interesting technology with the potential to bring down mobile phone thefts (at least for Samsung phone owners!) that have become a common phenomenon in places in India, it remains to be seen when this kind of a technology would become common in almost all gadgets.

However, since I'm some kinda Sony Ericsson fan, I don't think I'm gonna buy a Samsung anytime soon!